CA IPCC Accounts Mock Test Papers by PrepCA

CA IPCC Accounts Mock Test Papers by PrepCA

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Course Summary

Phase 1: 30% Mock Test Series

Here we target to complete more than 1/3th of the Core CA IPCC chapters on the basis of their weightage & importance in the past examinations. This helps the students in the beginning phase of their studies for preparing a time-table as they are mostly confused on where to begin. So begin here, take the first step to clearing your CA IPCC Level through our strategized study pattern & tests.

Moreover, these tests take place in the starting month of your CA preparation so you can understand if you are studying in the right direction well in advance.

So in short the following are the key advantages:

  • Understand and remember the most important 30% syllabus of IPCC with writing practice.
  • Understand your areas for improvement quite before your actual exams with our chapter-wise performance analysis.
  • Multiple Revision is another key advantage of this model as you can target & practice just a small part of your portion rather than directly attempting for a 100% Mock Test.

Phase 2: 70% Mock Test Series

Here we target a repetition of the first phase 30% Mock Test plus an additional 40% consisting of all the Level B priority chapters that are once again as per the weightage of the Past CA Examination. This helps you to be more than 70% prepared to write the main exam as we target to cover 90% of the Essential chapters in this 70% Mock Test.

This is the bridge you need to cross to be 110% prepared for the next phase.

Phase 3: 100% Mock Test Series A

If you have studied & tested yourself as per the above two phases, there is nothing that can prevent you from scoring your best in this last phase of our mock test series.

Prepca prepares you for a full proof test paper covering the entire syllabus of each subject to help you test your knowledge & skill before appearing for your CA Examination.

Course Prerequisites

Standard Program


Your Answer papers will be evaluated by our Expert Evaluators.

Bird's Eye View - Chapter-wise Analysis

Bird's eye view gives you a chapter-wise scoring for each subject with a rating to it. This report will enable you to understand your strengths and weaknesses chapter wise. After giving multiple tests you will be able to evaluate how you have performed chapter-wise in each tests.

Suggested Answers

You would get the actual answers for each subject as per the package selected.

Question Papers

You would get question papers for each subject as per the package selected.

Process to Follow after Purchase from your website

  a.     After purchasing the product from your website the student will get username and password on their email from Prepca to access their Prepca Account.

  b.     The online account can be used to download question papers, suggested answers & evaluations, access your status of evaluation, track your performance & post your queries.

  c.     Prepca will courier you the required number of blank answer sheets at your registered address.

  d.     Question papers would be available in soft copies through your online account which needs to be downloaded.

  e.     All the fields asked on the 1st page of the answer sheet needs to be compulsorily filled. If you fail to do so your answer sheet will not be evaluated.

  f.      After you are done writing scan your answer sheet and mail it to us or courier it on address given on our website.

  g.     Papers will be evaluated and sent back to students within 7 days from the date of receipt. Evaluation will be sent back in soft copies with the Suggested Answers in your Prepca Account.

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